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Project Guidelines is a consulting service with its own crowdfunding platform used for raising funds in support of a project or cause and for building a community or an action around your work. As a "social business" and vision founded on the principles of dana (mindful giving), all projects must speak to the creative spirit - freedom of expression - and the generosity of the human heart, and should in some way safeguard our shared freedom. In this way we strive to serve humanity's most pressing needs. projects must:

Be Project-Based: All crowdfunding campaigns must be projects. That is, the campaign must have a clearly defined outcome, time frame, and funding goal. Usually, this is a creative outcome (e.g. a film, album, book, theater production, exhibition, residency, event, app or game build), but can also include causes, for example providing legal funds or funds for awareness raising activities.

Fit into a category: Projects that change the world in Art, Dance, Theater, Fashion, Film, Video and Web, Photography, Music, Journalism, Publishing, Writing, Causes, Activism, Environment, Human Rights, Education, Health, Entrepreneur, Science, or Games Design.

Who Can Create a Campaign on 

We are highly selective in campaigns that we choose to partner with or sponsor. Have a great vision? Tell us about it through our online application. We welcome people from all over the world and you must be able to receive funds through Paypal. This means that you should check Paypal's list of accepted currencies to see if you are able to receive contributions from your supporters. Ultimately, if we choose to work together, anyone can create a campaign so long as they are not living under the jurisdiction of a "sanctioned country."

Charitable Project Guidelines: Charities and not-for-profit organizations with the appropriate status can use for fundraising, but only IF the campaign is for a project with a definitive outcome and a specific target - not an ongoing charitable appeal. If you have charitable status, you may be able to offer tax-deductible receipts in return for contributions of the same amount - check with your local authority for regulations. Paypal offers reduced fees for non-profits.

Prohibited Rewards or Projects

For legal reasons we prohibits campaign creators from offering certain items as gifts, including:

  • Offensive (i.e. hate speech) or sexually explicit material or offers: You can’t offer sexually explicit material, conduct or services as rewards.
  • No tobacco, drugs, and drug paraphernalia; no energy food and drinks or nutritional supplements.
  • Financial Rewards: You can’t allow the selling of shares, provide direct financial rewards or profit sharing. Raising investment funds or providing financial incentives is explicitly prohibited.
  • Raffles or Gaming Prizes: You can’t offer entries in raffles, competitions or other gambling services, stakes or odds as rewards.
  • Projects cannot offer gifts in bulk quantities (more than 10).
  • Projects cannot offer alcohol as a gift
  • Illegal or Restricted Items: You cannot offer rewards including (but not limited to) illegal or restricted items such as weapons, drugs or prescription medications.
Please note: ANY project violating these guidelines will not be allowed to launch and removed from our platform.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about gifts or projects via

Member Conduct

Please keep your messages brief and courteous and provide feedback in a constructive manner. Posted comments and messages are viewable publicly; be mindful of this! Obscene or unreasonable posts will be deleted. If necessary, members’ accounts can be suspended if their individual conduct undermines what is envisioned to be a positive experience for all.  is about building a community around your shared inspiration - inspire each other. Encourage each other. Give the gift of your integrity and enthusiasm.


Age: You must be over 18 years of age to create a project on

Identification: You must have a residential address, a contact phone number, bank account, Paypal account and an internationally recognized form of photographic ID (i.e. passport, driver’s license). If requested, the copy/scan you provide should be complete, and show current validity), together with the appropriate documentation to prove charitable status, if you have one.

Promoting Your Project users must observe copyright and intellectual property law. Campaign creators may not post copyright material without appropriate rights. Infringing material brought to our attention will be investigated. Do everything you can to promote your project, but AVOID spamming. Check before you hit ‘Send’ on a bulk mail to your supporters - it’s not just annoying, it could be illegal. Know your responsibilities within the laws for online marketing in your area. At we find that reaching out at a personal level, to each potential supporter as a valued member of your tribe, is the best way to inspire engagement in your project. Everyone must accept our Terms and Conditions of use and Privacy Policy. Violating these could lead to your account or project being suspended (while we sort it out with you) or even removed from the website.