Privacy Policy

The MindfulCrowdfunding Commitment to Trust

As a grass-roots initiative we take the time to get to know our campaigners. We verify their identities and establish only authentic campaigns. Our commitment to trust is a commitment to our community, to both our campaigners and supporters, and to the vision itself. We only use verified and secure payment methods, and our application process and monitoring mean the chances of fraudulent activity are very low. You can contact us at any time if you have a concern, by emailing

Who is responsible for realizing a funded vision? Legally, campaigners are responsible for realizing their projects. At we recognize that we share some of that responsibility in promoting a campaign on our platform, which is why we have an application process. We trust that campaigners and supporters are prepared for an inspiring ride that does contain an element of risk, with contributions made by a reliably informed body of supporters.

How do supporters know that a campaigner will follow through? We ask you to use your judgement in viewing a campaign, its video, updates and activity, to decide how credible a campaign is. We do everything we can to find and encourage only the most dedicated, professional crowdfunders, and the quality of their campaigns should be a testament to their ability to follow through.

How can I be sure of a campaigners identity? Through our application process all campaigners are required to provide photographic ID, non-profits are obliged to provide official documentation of their status, and representatives of any group or organization are required to supply credentials.

Can offer refunds if a project is not realized? No, does not hold any of the funds for campaigners at any time. Refunds are stipulated in our legally binding terms and conditions but are the responsibility of our campaigners.

What should a campaigner do if they're having trouble following through? Hurdles, dips and delays are all part of the campaign process, and this is why encourage our campaigners to keep supporters regularly updated on the progress of a campaign, and on the progress of the vision itself once the campaign has ended.

If a campaigner cannot complete their campaign they can simply refund all contributions. If campaigners feel they cannot complete their project then they discuss their options with the team at We may advise looking for additional support, or to complete a project to the best of their ability. Supporters will be informed of all decisions as they are made.

Honesty is the best policy, and campaigners are welcome to contact us at any time by emailing