Projects We've Served

"It's What We Do"--A Theatrical Play
By Pamela Nice,
Washington, DC
The destruction of Gaza by Israel yet again last summer, as tragic as it was, has also galvanized
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Out of History
By Harry Sutherland,
Vancouver , BC
Harry Sutherland is an award winning filmmaker who is returning to his roots in the seventies to bri
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We Call Them Intruders: A Documentary on Canadian Mining...
By Susi Porter-Bopp,
Vancouver , BC
How well do you know your money?
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THE DHARMA BUM | A Documentary
By Ian Lawton,
THE DHARMA BUM is a feature length, part animated documentary, on the tantalising subject of a freet
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HIV, A Whole Different Story
By Nicole Zwiren,
Los Angeles , CA
The debate of whether or not HIV has been the true cause of AIDS is rising to the surface after year
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By Jeanne Hallacy,
Bangkok , 10
'This Kind of Love' follows Burmese human rights educator and activist Aung Myo Min as he
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Global Campus 2015 - Gathering the Planetary Community!
By Benjamin von Mendelsohn,
For one month this summer, we want to gather 24 project leaders from the Global Campus Network - an
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Help Free Columbia become Pay-It-Forward!
By Free Columbia,
Philmont , NY
Free Columbia is a six month full-time course exploring art, nature study, and social change in rela
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I heart KFA - The Kim Fielding Award 2015
By Paul Hurley,
Cardiff , CRF
The KFA is raising funds for a brand new award in 2015, which will recognise innovation and experime
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The Corporation Film's Get Up Off The Couch! Campaign
By Kat Dodds,
Vancouver , BC
Help us gift the film FREE to 1,000 schools.
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By John Malkin,
Santa Cruz , CA
"Words of Wisdom" is an album of original music by musician/journalist John Malkin, integ
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From 6 to 9 and Beyond: Widening the Lens of Feminine Eroticism
By Candice Holdorf,
San Francisco , CA
A new book by Candice Holdorf, which uses fiction, poetry and photography by Sequoia Emmanuelle to s
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Full Circle: From Rape Survivor to Champion of Women Survivors..
By Marcia Jacobs,
Vancouver , BC
This memoir will be a voice for rape survivors as well as an honouring and testament to those who ha
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