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Support for Projects & Causes A Self-Sustaining Vision Keep-it-All Flexibility Voluntary Payment Model

MindfulCrowdfunding.com is a unique and timely experiment, an idea whose time has come. Driven by a team of freedom-loving dharma practitioners – activists, artists, and crowdfunding aficionados - we empower conscious relationships between creators and their supporters. With an eye on the future of freedom, we envision a global nexus of resource sharing centered around "mindful crowdfunding", opening the doors to a worldwide network of supporters. In the process we're developing a 'mindfulness-inspired community' around our ongoing activism, creative process, and love of universal human rights.

In support of an informed and inspired crowdfunding experience, all project creators accepted by our team are afforded a 20 minute complimentary skype or phone consultation. In addition, if desired, we offer consultation services throughout the duration of your campaign as well as email access to our client support team.

Essentially, we are looking for those rare and special projects driven by a dynamic team of creators who seek a sustained strategic engagement with our team of crowdfunding specialists, activists, and production assistants. Such campaign leaders are invited to apply to initiate a conversation about accessing our specialized services sponsorship by filling out our SPONSORSHIP APPLICATION or emailing us at contact@mindfulcrowdfunding.com with a preliminary inquiry explaining your interest and project. After reviewing your project and determining that it is a project we wish to pursue, an initial 20 minute complementary consultation will be scheduled to discuss your vision and the terms of our services. If your project is not selected we will inform you at once.

Inspired by the 'Social Business' model conceived by Nobel Peace Prize winning economist Muhammad Yunus, MindfulCrowdfunding.com is the world's first and only crowdfunding platform to reinvest all income and profit raised exclusively into enhancing the platform and the experience of our users. We afford no dividends but instead strive to become a self-sustaining *dana *- or donation-driven - platform for the production of materials and initiatives that would otherwise remain unrealized.

Rooted in the ancient practice of 'dana', our aim is to create a self-sustaining ecology of giving, inspiring trust and facilitating the realization of authentic, heartfelt projects. Through the power of collaboration we seek to lower the threshold of creative and cause-driven engagement for the billions of us capable of and willing to make a difference in the world.

In leading with the unconditional act of giving – dana – and in upholding projects that both elevate the creative process and address some of humanity's most pressing needs, we feel it is important to offer you the flexibility to manifest your vision in a way that suits you. We offer a 'Keep-it-All' policy so that you may best determine how to go forward with your projects, in line with the funding you receive. Not only do our campaigners receive contributions in real-time (as they come in – we do not hold funds) we encourage off line contributions, such as bank checks and wire transfers, that can be entered into one's overall funding amount. We also advocate the use of crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, and provide support for its acceptance on one's campaign page.

All crowdfunding campaigns contain an element of risk, but we wouldn't want to leave campaigns unrealized through a short-fall in funding. If you don't reach your goal at a pace you respect, you can take down your page and are welcome, if you choose, to explore further funding options. You can always run a second campaign, or, if you deem it appropriate, simply refund the contributions raised.

MindfulCrowdfunding.com, beyond offering a fee-based consulting service, is unique in that it operates exclusively on a voluntary payment model and therefore does not charge you a mandatory fee to use the platform. All tools and services provided are offered openly and freely, made possible by 'dana' – money generously gifted-forward by previous campaigners. Every act of 'dana', every contribution, is for the benefit of others.

When we recognize the gift of generosity at the heart of mindful crowdfunding it often motivates us to give our very best effort towards running a high-quality campaign. When setting up one's project, campaigners can select on a sliding dana scale a percentage of the funds they raise each week of their campaign to be gifted to Mindfulcrowdfunding.com to help sustain the vision. All visitors to the site are also welcome to help sustain the platform and our services by offering a contribution on our Support page. Thank you from our hearts.