What we do

MindfulCrowdfunding.com, is a boutique consulting service with its own donation-driven crowdfunding platform for artists, activists and entrepreneurs built on the love of a vision and fortified by the courage to care (projects that change the world). We are defined by authenticity, integrity and a passion for ones art and ones vision. As a dana-or-donation-inspired platform, we support the practice of mindful generosity and have designed our platform to encourage that: Project creators keep 100% ownership of their work. Campaign contributors are thanked with gifts by campaign creators. All of MindfulCrowdfunding.com services, beyond our consulting services, are provided as dana - freely, without charge. Any and all profits are integrated back into the platform and services provided.

Dana is an ancient Buddhist Pali term meaning the practice of generosity. Our team uses the more universal meaning of dana to convey 'giving as the ground of liberation or the practice of using one's own freedom to support the freedom of others.' As such, MindfulCrowdfunding.com forgoes all charges to use its platform in favor of offering project creators a voluntary payment model - a sliding “dana scale,” gifting a percentage of funds raised on a weekly basis and at the end of their campaign. These funds are then gifted forward to support future campaigners to use the MindfulCrowdfunding.com platform freely. Funding is offered both out of love for a project along with the beauty and inner satisfaction derived from mindful giving.

MindfulCrowdfunding.com is a supportive digital environment where people come together to launch and back crowdfunding campaigns from artists, authors and activists. Inspired by collaborative movements, MindfulCrowdfunding.com exists to empower the relationship between creators and their supporters.

MindfulCrowdfunding.com and its services are made possible through dana - contributions gifted-forward by our campaigners, inspired friends and beloved strangers, who love what we do.